Monday, 28 February 2011

Final collection (Bryony)

Hi girls! Here's my final line up and surface effects. I'm using a mixture of print techniques (screen, digital and possibly hand painting) along with a cut out pattern (which will be laser cut) and also a detail using chain. I'm making outfit 8 (which is light wool top with a manipulated fold detail and also a chain detail, with a long skirt, with a zip off train and a frill detail piece tying at the waist which has zip openings/pockets so it can also act as a handbag! My second outfit will be either number 1 or 7. If I go ahead with no.7 then I think I'd rather just take the shirt/dress and go with a more minimal look and style it on it's own. I'm waiting to get feedback from Claire on all this, so i'll confirm after I've had her feedback! Also I've emailed Laura about the possibility of getting glass beads for the embellishment of the waist piece and buttons for the shirt. Hope you like this! Honest feedback please!!  

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I bought a yarn for my garments because shipping was so expensive to only buy the yarn for my tailored jacket.It is the dark one here:
its lambswool, i'll most likely use it for shorts or trousers.but it's only 1kg I bought but I'm guessing it will go well with the colours we have been talking about. Here are some more colors in Lambswool that I would be interested in using:

This is just a selection of the colors I like in Lambswool from RobertTodds Store. Marie